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July 31, 2009 By gill


these are some of the shots i took at the absolutely beautiful wedding of helen & stuart in the UK a fortnight ago – i was lucky enough to be able to second shoot for the very talented jo & si broadhead.    i mainly used my camera with the brilliant 50mm prime on it but jo & si were generous enough to lend me all their kit as well.   we started at the bride’s house at 10.30 in the morning and finally left them all partying away at 10.30 in the evening….























an exhausting but really enjoyable day and a great experience too !      


thank you helen & stuart and jo & si


roll on september !!!!!



July 31, 2009 By gill


i am really enjoying my photography at the moment – things really seem to be taking off, another brilliant swiss couple have contacted me about doing their wedding in september, and i have some lifestyle portrait shoots lined up too.


i have lots of shoots to share with you at the moment – Helen & Stuarts beautiful wedding, a recent lifestyle portrait shoot of the absolutely adorable twins and their parents, shots from my recent trip to the west coast of france, more images from the lakes ….. oh and maybe one or two of my monsters who, for once, were happy to play around in front of the camera !!


and ….. soon more news of my fantastic new filming project with shoot photography …. i’m very very excited about this !!!!! 


watch this space !!!


July 15, 2009 By gill

i’ve just spent a brilliant weekend in the UK with the very talented Jo & Si Broadhead, Shoot Lifestyle Photography.  they very generously let me second shoot with them at a beautiful wedding near sheffield – i got some great shots and will put them up just as soon as i get the go ahead :D


on saturday we travelled down to derby so we could work on another project  -  they filmed me doing a family shoot with a gorgeous family that i first worked with back in february (see below)



we had great fun doing the filming, loads of laughs and quite a bit of work too !    the girls have changed so much from the above shot … and they are starting to crawl  .. at high speed … oh and did i mention the one year old chocolate coloured labrador ?  stars the five of them !


shots from the shoot  to follow very soon  :)   … and also more news of the filming  :)


July 9, 2009 By gill


these are my favourites from the last shoot on my recent trip to staveley.   the course that day was the digital workshop, stewart randall patiently and brilliantly took us through digital workflow from setting up the camera, to the shoot itself, post editing  to printing – very useful and informative.  keisa, our model,  was fantastic and put up with all of us and the pouring rain – the heavens had literally opened !!














thank you stewart and keisha for a brilliant day ! 



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